Anonymous asked:

Hi tally, I understand if u don't ask this and I would rather you spend time with Gracie then answer this but through the 6 week hols I convinced my self that I was good enough and that my weight didn't define my beauty and it didn't matter how I looked it was about how I was as a person but ever since I got back to school I've lost all my new found confidence😔 I know I shouldn't compare myself to people but I can't help it and it's making me rly un happy. Thank youu for your time xxxx

cloudy-dreamers answered:

Over the weekend go to boots, go in the soap and glory aisle, it’s always on 3 for 2, treat yourself to the flakeaway scrub, the lime body wash, and a body butter. Then buy some bubble bath and a scented candle, have a proper pamper, run the bath so it’s warm and bubbly and just lay in it and shut your eyes for thirty minutes and let the stress roll out of you, you’ll feel a million dollars when you’re out and all dried off and moisturised, then go on YouTube, look up some meditation and or yoga and try some of it out, you’ll feel so much better. Just take some time out to unwind and destress and your thoughts will hopefully improve :) xxx